Where it all started

In early 2011 Velare was born, but long before then it existed in the form of hobby and passion. Today we are still guided by that passion and don't do this just as a way to get by or punch the clock. We have an intense love for people and their stories, for moving pictures, imagery, and for music. The emotions that can be conveyed by combining these elements keeps us excited with each new wedding.

We decided early on that we wanted to infuse art and beauty into wedding films and photography and to take large risks of potential failure by making work we felt had true meaning and emotion - even if it meant going against the tide of the wedding industry and the status quo for wedding cinematography and photography.

It's what we still strive to do here every day: take chances and do what feels right in our hearts. Every couple is unique, every location is different and every day is new. We strive to make honest films that retain a sense of newness that will stand the test of time.

What we do

We film and photograph weddings with an emphasis on the different and the profound. Every wedding we photograph or film becomes an opportunity to tell a unique story in a new way.

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