Campaign – Olympe
    × 08.10.2017

    Driven by Passion.
    Rooted in Love.

    Velare is a wedding cinematography and photography company based out of Boulder, Colorado, though our passion takes us all over the world.

    Our craft takes us to the corners of the globe to capture not just images, but moments and memories that will never be forgotten.

    In early 2011, Velare was born, but long before then it existed in the form of hobby and passion. Seven years and hundreds of weddings later, we are still guided by that passion. Our intense love for people and their stories, for moving pictures, imagery, and for music, is at the heart of what we do.

    We live to tell stories. Every couple is unique, every location is different and every day is new. Our work is rooted in human connection–that of the couples we capture stories of, and the friendships we form with them.